March 28, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 2...

Here's the second installment of Ray's weekly sketch series. It hit You Tube around 1pm Eastern this afternoon but I was not at the computer at the time to post it when it became available...this particular webisode focuses exclusively on chickens. In the opening sketch you'll see Ray and the nurse (Sabrina Blanton) catch a resident at The Encore sitting with his back to the camera (the vocalization is provided by Ray, impersonating Wolfman Jack). The 'DJ' is pulling pranks on people...

If you didn't see episode 1, check my previous blog entry or visit Ray's You Tube channel.

There's hasn't been any news whatsoever about any upcoming CD releases. Around the latter half of 2013 there had been several announcements made about a couple of CD's being on the not too distant horizon for 2014 (he even appeared on several interview programs to spotlight an upcoming gospel project) but it's been almost 4 months into 2014 and there hasn't been any talk of any upcoming release dates...yet. Of course, once I learn of any information about a CD release I'll make a blog post about it.

I came across an internet site earlier this morning and there happened to be a small blurb that stated that Ray was going to take part in a television taping, as part of a religious program, in early April. There wasn't any information on when this as yet to be recorded footage would air on TV, though.

If this information is legitimate and nothing happens from now until then to cancel his involvement or postpone his involvement, I suspect that this future appearance may...may...indicate that the gospel CD he'd been talking about for a couple of years is at long last going to become available with a release date sooner rather than later...but that's just my theory. For those out of the loop, Ray is at some point going to issue a couple of diverse CD's. He spoke about them in the latter half of 2013. One is a gospel project called Onward Christian Soldiers. The second project is going to be titled Melancholy Fescue (a bluegrass oriented CD).

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