April 1, 2014

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set Discount Sale...

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans!! It's April Fool's Day 2014 and starting today and running through April 20th is an amazing sale/discount on the 9-CD box set from 2012. I'm sure you all remember the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music project that Ray issued in February 2012?? Some of us purchased the project within days or weeks of it's original release but some waited until later...some still haven't purchased it yet. If you're signed up to receive e-mail alerts or have visited his Facebook page then you probably already seen this special discount ahead of time. I received an e-mail about it yesterday. The selling price for the box set had long been in the $80.00 price range and rarely did the sales price receive a mark down...if it did it must have been a brief one...but this is the first time I can recall a mark down price for this 9-CD project lasting 19 days. Yes, you read that correctly. From now until April 20th you can purchase this 9-CD project for a little more than $40.00 rather than the over $80.00 regular price. The consistent selling price for the project is $79.95 plus shipping and handling. For a 9-CD box set, even that price is extremely cheap...compared to other box set projects that have as much music as this one. But for much of this month the sales price is going to be $39.99 plus shipping and handling. A full $40.00 reduction in total price!!!!

Here is a link to the store... 9-CD box set DISCOUNT Sale

As a long time Ray Stevens fan I've learned to say 'never say never' because he's constantly surprising us or doing things that we least expect but this insanely low selling price for this 9-CD project is, I believe, the lowest that it's EVER going to be. For those that are waiting for it to be sold for pennies or under $20...that isn't going to happen. The fans that really, really want this project but have been putting it off solely because of the usual $79.95 price then this is your chance to purchase it $40.00 cheaper.

**Disclaimer: If you come across this blog entry after April 20th and click the above link then chances are the discount sale will no longer be active and you'll be taken to the order page with the 9-CD project's regular selling price.

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