April 7, 2014

Ray Stevens...July 2012...

Hello once again Ray Stevens fans...and a look at July 2012 is on the agenda this time around. I singled out this particular month and year because it happened to be the time that Ray debuted his music video for "Obama Nation", a catchy sing-a-long about the destructive policies being pushed by the President up until that point in time. In a previous blog entry I mentioned some of the things that took place in April 2011 during Ray's career and so I decided to stay with that era and just fast forward to July the following year...

The video's gotten 1,027,396 unique views since it's July 23rd debut. It's one of several music videos from Ray that have gotten at least a million unique views...some video uploads have gotten more than 2,000,000. Political speech is highly emotional and personal...and therefore commentary about political music videos that fill the pages of blogs and in the comment sections of You Tube videos are obviously filled with passionate support or passionate hate (depending on a person's point of view). Considering that Ray's political music videos tend to speak from a conservative point of view it's no surprise that you're going to read ugly, personal attacks from those that oppose conservatism and insist on a Government-run society.

On some comment sections of Ray's videos extreme leftists demand that Obama use his Executive Order powers if his opponents (Conservatives/Tea Party members) stand in his way. He'd been doing this 2009 but it's been stepped up ever since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in November 2010. Yes, President's of both political parties have used Executive Orders...so there's no need for anybody out there to make the statement "that Obama isn't the only President to do this".

The problems exist when the power is abused and over-used in an attempt to ignore the rule of law or bypass Congress altogether. Obama is always saying things like: "if Congress doesn't act, I WILL!!", "Congress needs to stop playing politics and pass this bill without delay". Again, a comment like that is mired in dictatorial arrogance and plays into his radicalism and phony Bi-Partisan persona. He's not even close to being bi-partisan...he expects his opponents to see things HIS way and then he'll cheer and applaud "bipartisanship". I see commentary insisting that Obama be impeached. He should be impeached and convicted for his deliberate evading of established laws and his disregard for the Justice system (specifically in cases that do not rule the way he sees fit). He's not above mocking and ridiculing the Supreme Court if they rule against anything he has a political interest in.

No, immaturity and acting like a spoiled brat isn't an impeachable offense...it just shows that you're an immature spoiled brat...but there's plenty of legitimate impeachable offenses made by Obama going back to 2009 if you decide to look them up for yourselves.

Obama's a terrible, awful, cold and calculating political hack...and it's disturbing that people still can't see it and it's right there in plain view...it isn't like he's hiding it...and that goes directly to the point of the Ray Stevens "Obama Nation" song.

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