April 21, 2014

Ray Stevens...The Ninth Million...

Good early Monday morning Ray Stevens fans...yesterday before going to bed I checked the You Tube numbers for "God Save Arizona". The video, around 8:30 Sunday night, had 999,968 unique views. A mere 32 additional first time views from hitting the million mark. I checked the numbers a couple of minutes ago and...drum roll, please...the updated total is 1,000,025! So, with that, Ray can add another on-line video to the Million Views club. 9 of his You Tube music videos have now reached 1,000,000 or more unique views...most of those 9 have gotten more than 3,000,000.

In internet speak, a unique view (or unique visitor) is the number of individual first-time plays of a video with each visit counted only once (further visits by the same computer/mobile device aren't counted).

I had thought about editing this picture into my earlier blog entry about Ray's book but I decided to post the image in this blog. The main reason is because this is my current blog entry and if I were to have edited the earlier one to include that picture chances are it would've gone unnoticed. It had been awhile since I used my digital camera...the date of the image should have read 04/19/2014 but I forgot to change the date stamp settings. It instead reads 19/04/2014. Another reason I decided to take a picture of the book is because there may be some people out there that think the book really doesn't exist and is some sort of internet hoax (due to the lack of publicity for it from Ray) but as you can see in the picture the book is genuine and real. At the moment my review is the only one at Amazon...and it isn't surprising...I assume once the book starts to get some heavy promotion from Ray that the awareness factor will kick in and there will be additional reviews. For now, though, Amazon's customers will have to rely on my commentary until others make their reactions known. A lot of people typically never think to search the 'book' section for Ray Stevens items...I am one of those people...I never thought to do a book search because, after all, there wasn't any announcement of this item's availability. Thanks to someone that made a comment on one of my recent blog posts I wouldn't have thought to search for a Ray Stevens book, either.

The Amazon link to purchase your copy of Ray's book is HERE. The link takes you to the product page for the paperback copy. There is an e-book, too. Once at Amazon you can click the e-book format link. I personally prefer a paperback copy...I wouldn't really get much enjoyment out of reading a 250+ page book while seated at a computer. That's just me, though.

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