July 11, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 14...

It's Friday and in the world of Ray Stevens that means another installment of Rayality TV. There wasn't an installment last Friday and so if you've been wondering if you missed one of my blog entries or if I forgot to publish a blog containing the installment the answer is no. Ray's been busy behind the scenes doing appearances for his memoir, Nashville, and he happened to attend a funeral for one of his music industry friends (Don Light).

In today's installment you'll see the limited animation music video of "The Moonlight Special" and another favorite, The Duck-a-Fone.

The spoofs of Alice Cooper and Jerry Lee always make me laugh out loud as does the hysterical duck calling infomercial spoof.

I recently purchased my copy of the July 14th issue of Country Weekly. There's an article about Ray Stevens in that issue...dealing with his book and future projects (like the upcoming gospel CD and the Campin' Buddies film). It should be at many checkout lines in retail stores now.

On July 19 at 11:30am Central time, Ray Stevens is going to be spotlighted during a Songwriter Session at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The activities are to take place at The Ford Theater and the event is going to last 45 minutes. It's an intimate event but for those in the area and may want to attend in person you'll need to read all about the rules and policies.

The event is free to those that are Members of the museum or for those that pay general admission at the venue on that particular day.

If you want to read about the event from the official Country Music Hall of Fame site, click HERE.

**ALERT!!** You'll need to pick up a program pass 2 hours before the start of the event and so make sure you're at the Hall of Fame at the start of the business day. You can always call the Hall of Fame and ask specific information about the event if the information on the site is confusing or whatever.

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