July 31, 2014

Ray Stevens: We The People...4 years Later...

Good late afternoon Ray Stevens fans! It happened to be during the summer of 2010 that Ray's We the People CD became available for purchase all over the internet. It's release date on Amazon was June 8, 2010. It had been available for purchase exclusively on Ray's website store since April of 2010 but it didn't get it's wider release until June.

At the time of the CD's June 2010 release Ray had been experiencing his initial successes on YouTube. He had also been a guest on many political and current events-oriented talk shows on radio and TV. All of it stemmed from the on-line popularity of several music videos. On December 11, 2009 Ray uploaded onto YouTube a music video called "We the People". The video/song dealt with Obamacare...the bill being drafted in Congress overhauling the United States healthcare system. Although the bill's official name is The Affordable Care Act, the nickname Obamacare became it's unofficial moniker. The nickname came from the bill's opponents. The bill became law in early 2010 on a party line vote and ever since then it's been the subject of numerous lawsuits and on-going debates. The actual law itself doesn't really take full effect for several more years but gradual implementation has been going on since 2010 and the more people see it's impact the more unpopular the law is becoming with Independent voters.

The video kicks off with Ray playing a plunger like a guitar (a visual reference to Joe the Plumber). The video's success and everything else that happened for Ray throughout 2010 set the stage for the next several years. He became a frequent performer at several political rallies for Tea Party groups and appeared on several high profile programs on the Fox News Channel multiple times throughout the year. The video, as of July 31st, has gotten 5,101,028 unique views. It obtained more than a million unique views during it's first month on-line.

In March of 2010, a couple of additional music videos surfaced: "Caribou Barbie", a salute to the political opinions of Sarah Palin, debuted on March 11 and a little more than a week later the rallying cry of "Throw the Bums Out!" hit YouTube on March 22. The latter music video has 1,070,046 unique views as of July 31, 2014. The Palin music video has half a million unique views as of July 31, 2014...the exact total is 580,809. You'd think it would've had many more views than that considering the video's subject matter but it never did get the coverage some of his other YouTube videos have gotten. There's millions upon millions of blogs, sites, and video clips of Sarah Palin and those that impersonate her all over the internet and so it's massive competition to say the least. Nevertheless, Ray's video is comical and cute, in places, and it includes impersonator Lori Stegner playing the part of Palin.

On May 13, 2010 Ray released the music video, "Come to the U.S.A." onto YouTube! This one, about illegal immigration and the problems of non-assimilation, has recently caught fire again. It originally hit during the height of the Arizona border security crisis and the controversies that erupted throughout the remainder of 2010-2011 surrounding illegal immigration, deportation, and a Federal Government unwilling to enforce it's immigration laws. In terms of unique views it's his biggest video hit...currently sitting at 8,544,298! A couple of days ago (July 28) the video had 8,499,676. The totals indicate a pick-up of 44,622 unique views in three days time.

A month after the release of "Come to the U.S.A.", the topical "Global Warming Song" hit YouTube on June 29, 2010. It was the fifth music video from a song found on the 2010 We the People CD. The music video's gotten 438,377 unique views. If the topic ever becomes a national issue once again the video should get more attention than it has.

A sixth music video from that 2010 CD surfaced on July 23, 2012 (to date the last music video to come from a song found on We the People). The music video titled "Obama Nation" became another million view hit...as of today it's got 1,095,849 unique views. Sandwiched between that 2012 video release and "The Global Warming Song" in June of 2010 was a Christmas music video in 2010 and other political videos of songs later to be found on the 2012 CD, Spirit of '76. Those particular videos started hitting YouTube in 2011.

Those interested can purchase the 2010 CD on Amazon. There's an Mp3 version also available for those that don't want the CD format. Once you click the link above you can click the Mp3 link on the Amazon page.

But, of course, 2010's "Come to the U.S.A." is the music video receiving a major resurgence at the moment and here it is...

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