April 17, 2009


This is a rare single from the late 1950's featuring Ray Stevens. The A-side is "Chickie Chickie Wah Wah" and the B-side is "Crying Goodbye". Oh yes, the A-side is definitely the way you may think it is. It's an up-tempo pop song geared toward the teenage audience of the time. The fact that there's a picture of Ray on the front of the single speaks volumes for an unknown artist at the time. I have the song...not the actual single that you see here. There's a You Tube video montage of the song. It has this bluesy feel...it isn't depressing, though...more rhythm and blues than straight forward blues. It has a consistent saxophone arrangement in addition to the catchy lyrics in the chorus of the song. It was probably an Atlanta, Georgia jukebox favorite in 1958...and it's a catchy little song...if you hear it you'll be going around for several days singing "chickie chickie chick chick chickie chickie wah wah" over and over...perhaps when you're walking you'll be thinking of the melody and find yourself stepping in rhythm? Just make sure you're not walking on mud because you'll be stepping high as you stroll along and you wouldn't want any mud from your shoes to fly up and hit your walking partner.