July 31, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 3...

Good Tuesday morning Ray Stevens fans! The response to "Obama Nation" is great...so far the video's gotten close to 120,000 unique views with a pick up of 50,056 since my previous blog entry. The specific total number of views at the moment is 118,709. Could it reach 200,000 by this time next week...or sooner!?! I hope more and more people discover the song as the days and weeks go by...especially those who are sitting on the fence and still don't know which person they're going to vote for in November. The song will help guide you in the right direction!! I've already embedded the video a few times in previous blog entries. You can Google the phrase Obama Nation + Ray Stevens and it'll be the first or among the first results that show up on the page. Of course, you can always visit Ray's web-page to see the video, too. Pass it around with your friends as well.

The concert trail looks like this...

Indiana...look for Ray Stevens to appear in concert in late September for 2 shows at the same venue. On September 21st he'll do 2 shows in Shipshewana, Indiana at The Blue Gate Theater.

On September 29th Ray will be in Renfro Valley, Kentucky in the New Barn facility.

Tomorrow is August 1st and so the more closer we get to middle September and into October the more I'll be posting reminders of his concerts.

In a rare occurrence, Ray will journey out west in mid October and appear at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Mescalero, New Mexico on October 13th.

Ray will be doing 6 shows at the Andy Williams Theater in Branson, Missouri beginning October 15th. Ray will then appear for 2 shows at the Country Tonight Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on October 26th.

So, for those who might be in those areas this coming fall, take advantage of Ray's appearances. Ray doesn't do as many concerts as he once did and any appearance he does is listed on his web-page rather than in some weekly or monthly music publication. Any fan of Ray Stevens should make his web-page a #1 destination because that's most often where all of the information about upcoming CD's, music videos, TV appearances, and concerts are posted. Also, for those out there that have assumed that he doesn't do concerts anymore there's your chance to see Ray Stevens in person this year.    

July 29, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 2...

In a pick-up of 24,006 unique views since my previous blog entry, "Obama Nation" has risen to 68,653 views on You Tube. This music video could very easily reach the 100,000 plateau within days given this pace. Considering it's gotten 24,000 additional views let's say it matches or exceeds that number tomorrow or the next day...that will put the video in the mid 90,000 range in a week's time.

Since Obama's taken office in 2009 he's either signed into law quite a few bills drafted by Democrats that limit people's freedoms and increase the power of the Federal Government, he's signed executive orders for the wrong reasons, plus he champions an all powerful Government where life's decisions are made by a handpicked Government panel dictating our social and economic lifestyles. I don't understand how anyone can disagree with this song, though. If you look at Obama's track record and listen to things he's said, this song is pretty accurate.

Obama's condescending nature comes off in his insufferable campaign commercials, too...and that better-than-you demeanor of his is captured quite realistically in the various snap shots of him where he has his head tilted upwards. As I've often mentioned, another sick characteristic of Obama is how he feels he has to speak at great length...breaking down each and every sentence...using long pauses and perhaps in an attempt at using psychologically he tells people not to look at the realities of his Administration but look at the fantasies of what can never happen but continually insist that those fantasies can happen.

If one is not living in reality then in your mind Obama has done nothing wrong and his visions of America are completely harmless.

For those who choose to live in reality and pay attention to his speeches and the laws he happens to favor and the laws he happens to ignore, well, for us we feel that America and it's people can't afford 4 more years of Obama.

He's a jobs killing, tax hiking, big spending, individual liberty oppressor...not necessarily in that order.

The problem for many liberals and Progressives is the fact that they champion causes...no matter how socially and economically unrealistic those causes really are they champion them nonetheless which, as a result, causes those who champion those unrealistic causes to look unrealistic themselves. There are going to people out there who will turn a blind eye to the President's track record and the Socialist style programs he craves and simply vote for him for their own personal reasons. Romney has his share of critics but he'll be a breath of fresh air compared to Obama. Although the Obama campaign desperately wants to tag the "out of touch" label on Romney at any opportunity, the truth is Romney represents traditional politics and he'll restore America's image (in my opinion) and patch up the wounds that Obama's created with our allies overseas. Obama, on the other hand, has always been out of touch. He pretty much represents the out of touch people who are either bitter, angry, and jealous over another person's success. In a lot of cases those whom Obama attracts are ignorant about the issues of the day and in theory won't hold him accountable and will cast the blame elsewhere. Those people are the ones who will vote for Obama without hesitation.

The above video from Ray Stevens addresses the issues of the day and hopefully it'll enlighten those who don't pay attention to politics on a consistent basis and inform them of what's been going on...and hopefully it'll alert people of what another 4 years of Obama means to the country. Enjoy the video!

July 27, 2012

Ray Stevens sings about the Obama Nation...

Good Friday afternoon Ray Stevens fans!! A lot of you may be aware of Ray's brand new music video but in case you hadn't checked his You Tube page in awhile, the new video is titled "Obama Nation". It was wonderful seeing this particular song become a music video (At Last!) and so far it's gotten almost 50,000 unique views in a couple day's time.

44,647 to be exact.

The song/video is all about the Obama Nation...an account of the United States of America under the Obama Administration from January 2009 through present day...and how it's in reality an abomination. It's a catchy song and goes hand-in-hand with his previous offering, "Mr. President - Mr. President". That particular music video has a little more than 620,000 unique views on You Tube and my guess is "Obama Nation" will follow it's predecessor down the same road and obtain more than half a million views, too, but only time will tell of course. This being an election year...a Presidential election year, specifically...it wouldn't surprise me if this particular song doesn't become one of the campaign songs in the coming weeks/months as we make our way to November. This song/video should be blasting on all the various Pro-Romney web-sites and blogs on the internet as it definitely connects and sums up what a good chunk of the American public feel in late July 2012...less than 4 months shy of Election day.

July 15, 2012

Ray Stevens speaks about Minnie Pearl...

Here's a video clip of Ray Stevens that became available a couple of days ago. In the clip he speaks of Minnie Pearl and tells of the time he recorded "Southern Air" which, in addition to featuring Ray as the singer/storyteller, it also featured Pearl as an amorous stewardess and Jerry Clower in the role of the Pilot. The recording was issued in 1986 and in the clip below you'll see what looks to be a print ad promoting the song. If that's the case then it's the first time I'd seen a print ad for that particular recording. However, the illustration could be something that was done to commemorate the pairing of three legendary comics and not meant for public display. Whatever the case, it's a cute illustration. The song can be found on Surely You Joust, the 10 song comedy album from 1986 on MCA. I learned a couple of things when I watched the video clip.

Ray also goes on to tell about how he had the idea of having Minnie sing songs that went against her public image and that only two songs were ever finished...but have never been released.

I don't know when the video was put together but it became available on July 12 and seeing that Ray has on the latest hat being offered for sale in his on-line store, promoting the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music, the video must have been taped at some point between April and July.