August 14, 2016

Ray Stevens heading to Effingham, IL...

Hello all fans of Ray Stevens!! I've been off-line for awhile due to a change in modems and busy off-line activity. I've gone from a traditional plug-in modem to a wireless modem. I've been on a laptop for nearly 3 years (graduating from a desktop computer) and only recently decided to "go wireless". It took a couple days to get everything up and running due to some unexpected technical issues but everything's working just as before. If you've visited YouTube in the last couple of days you've probably seen some additional video uploads about Ray Stevens. Someone by the name of Suzanne Wright posted video content onto YouTube. I'm assuming it's from the Oklahoma concert back on August 12th. At the moment there's no specifics given of when the performance took place.

I made mention of that Oklahoma concert in a previous blog post and from the looks of the video thousands of people attended.

An upcoming concert in Effingham, IL at the Effingham Performance Center (set to take place in 2 months on October 28th) is being promoted on YouTube. A video promo became available a couple of days ago and I'm embedding it here...

I know that this video, more than likely, is going to be removed once the concert has taken place but for the next 2 months it'll be on-line for all to see. Future discoveries of this blog entry may see a familiar "video not available" or "video removed" alert. The video promo highlights several music video snippets from his direct-to-VHS movie, Get Serious!, as information about the upcoming Effingham concert flashes on the screen. You can read about the concert and purchase concert tickets by visiting the venue's site by clicking HERE. The venue makes use of his most recent CD...once you click the link you'll see what I mean.

Earlier that same month (October 15th) Ray Stevens is to appear in Myrtle Beach, SC at The Alabama Theatre. You can read information and purchase tickets by clicking HERE. Once you click the link you'll see that the venue is using his photo from the first volume of gospel songs (released back in 2014).