February 11, 2010

Ray Stevens and his Catalog of Music

One of the perks of having a massive hit...be it a music video or a CD or a song...is that if the artist in question has much longevity chances are their catalog of music is going to get exposed to some potential new fans, or, potential customers. On the best seller list for country comedy CD's at this hour, Ray Stevens appears several times and a lot of this has to do with the continued success of his music video, "We The People". The video is now sitting at 2,645,970 hits.

On the Top-100 best selling country comedy list at Amazon this hour you will find Ray sitting at these positions with various releases: #1, #11, #25, #32, #40, #51, #52, #54, #61, #70, #73, #74, #78, #86, and #99. Interestingly, his "We The People" single isn't ranked among the Top-100 country comedy best sellers. Instead, it's ranked in the general comedy best seller list...comedy releases of all genre's. On this Top-100 list the ObamaCare single is at #32 while he makes another appearance 20 places higher at #12 with an Mp3 digital release of an album he recorded 41 years ago in 1969. If anything, it shows that the material he recorded 41 years ago is still selling...and to think that critics in 1969 didn't think the album had a shelf life beyond 6 weeks...I guess Ray and us fans are having the last laugh!

I'm purposely not giving out the names of all the CD's that are ranked because I don't want to make those titles appear more worthy of purchase than other CD's that Ray has issued. Sometimes surveys, charts, lists, etc etc expose only a specific song or CD and there's little emphasis on a singer's catalog of music and in some cases a singer's catalog of music suffers as a result. So, with this particular blog entry, I simply wanted to spotlight the abundance of Ray Stevens music that populates the country comedy best-seller list...15 separate titles as of this hour populate their list.

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