April 29, 2010

"Come To the USA" suggests Ray Stevens...

Although the material on Ray Stevens' We The People CD collection was recorded well in advance there is a song on here about the current hot item in the news right now: illegal immigration. I do not know if this song will be a single or a music video at some point or not but just in case it isn't I felt the need to mention it. Listening to it is like hearing the national newscast given how much coverage illegal immigration and Arizona in particular is receiving. This isn't a debate blog and so I'll say no matter which side of the issue a person is, illegal immigration is a big problem. "Come To the USA" is a very funny song about a serious subject. In my review of the CD I mentioned that liberals and progressives, if they hear it, will probably throw more fits than they already have over the political songs that Ray's recorded so far. In the song Ray sings about the weak stance on illegal immigration from the federal Government. Of course, given how the anger and protests have ratcheted up over the Arizona Governor signing an illegal immigration bill into law, this song has a sense of timeliness to it and it fits the immigration situation like a glove.

The song features some jazzy scat-singing interludes as I call them. There's an underlying jab at ACORN that runs throughout the song, too. The humorless, I don't think, will be able to see the irony or the exaggeration contained within the lyrics. There's a lot of exaggeration for comic effect but the overall sentiment is crystal clear: Federal Government...stop turning a blind eye to illegals and either deport them or demand they become legalized citizens. I find the song very funny and satiric. Why do I find it satiric? Well, it's because the song in a humorous way deals with the truth...an unspoken or not too widely distributed truth...but upon hearing the song any number of people will see the reality of the situation and perhaps maybe become embarrassed over how honest the song really is.

"Come To the USA" is available on We The People as I mentioned. It's available on-line in digital form at the moment. You can purchase a CD copy at Ray's on-line music store. As most people who buy digitally are well aware you can pick and choose which songs you want to purchase. If that's what you choose to do, okay, but you'll be missing out on a lot of other great political and patriotic material...but "Come To the USA" is a song definitely worth checking out!

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