April 19, 2010

Let's enjoy Ray Stevens doing the laundry!!

20 years ago in 1990 Ray Stevens had just signed with Curb Records and immediately set the stage for his next success: music videos. Ray issued two back-to-back music videos of a couple of songs found on this 1990 release. The album is titled Lend Me Your Ears and as most people should know Ray is dressed as Julius Caesar on the cover. The album's title uses part of a phrase uttered by Mark Antony in the Julius Caesar Shakespeare play but it also has a secondary meaning...care to guess what that second meaning might be? Well, simply put, the phrase can also be a request to music buyers to lend their ears to Ray's latest comedy album. I spoke of this album quite awhile ago when I was writing about Ray's first years on Curb Records and the albums the label had released on Ray during 1990-1995.

Ray Stevens takes you on a trip to the laundry room in one of the songs contained on the 1990 album. "Where Do My Socks Go?" is a bouncy song about a man's curiosity of why his socks continue to vanish when he goes to grab his clothes from the dryer. It's one of those bachelor-type comedy songs Ray sometimes does and in this one we're to assume that the man in the song lives on his own and doesn't really care to know that much about washing machines, detergent, dryers, etc etc. Now, of course, static cling is the answer to why so many socks disappear...they're found hiding up shirt sleeves and down pants legs. That premise is exaggerated in this song as Ray insists that socks really have disappeared and it's much more than static cling...the dryer is almost UFO like in Ray's mind...but he lets us know about the certain kinds of socks that never disappear. Ray performed this song on an episode of Hee-Haw and I remember when the song was over the audience threw waded up socks at him...no joke! After the sock assault ended, Ray exclaimed something like: "so that's where they went!??!"

Eagle-eyed Ray Stevens fans will note that the cassette version of Lend Me Your Ears has track number five written as "Bwana and the Jungle Girl" while on the CD re-release the song's title is slightly altered as "Bwana and His Jungle Girl". The CD version was released in 2005...a full 15 years after it originally hit the market.

Track List:
1. Sittin' Up with the Dead
2. Jack Daniels, You Lied To Me Again
3. Help Me Make It Through the Night
4. Used Cars
5. Bwana and His Jungle Girl
6. Barbeque
7. Where Do My Socks Go?
8. This Ain't Exactly What I Had In Mind
9. This Is Your Daddy's Oldsmobile
10. Cletus McHicks and His Band from the Sticks

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