October 30, 2011

The Entertaining Ray Stevens, Part 3...

In the embed below you'll hear a fairly recent interview that Ray Stevens gave. The interview took place on October 27, 2011 on a radio program called Conscience of Kansas hosted by Paul Ibbetson. Ironically, the embed has the image of Ray's 1983 album, Me, which I wrote of in the previous blog entry.

Since the interview took place on a politically-driven program the focus was on his political comedy and politics in general. The host relates a story of how he first heard of Ray Stevens and strangely enough it nearly mirrors how I first heard of Ray Stevens, too, except I learned of Ray nearly 12 years afterward in the mid '80s.

The current video smash, "Mr. President - Mr. President", is nearing 300,000 on-line views. The up to the minute total so far is 294,118 on-line views. Those who've been asking if he'll put out a DVD of his political music videos will get their wish in a couple of days. An upcoming DVD from Ray will feature all 10 music videos that he's released since December 2009. I've seen commentary from fans during the last several months wishing to have these videos on a DVD collection that they can play on their TV so they won't always have to be at a computer in order to watch them. The collection is titled Internet Video Hits and it'll become available November 2!! As I said...the release of the DVD will be in a couple of days!

Before anyone can ask...yes, you can pre-order it at Ray's web-store and here's the link...

Internet Video Hits.

Now, obviously, while you're there you can also wander on over to the CD area and read information about his latest CD, Bozo's Back Again, which I wrote about in my previous blog entry.

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