October 24, 2011

The Entertaining Ray Stevens...

It's Monday morning already!?!?

According to several people the two Ray Stevens concerts in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee over the weekend were an entertaining experience. A couple of people on Facebook commented that they loved the show and I saw a few tweets echo the same sentiments. The shows were either sold-out or near sell-outs...there was never a final word given on the sales status but chances are the venue was a near sell out.

The next stop for Ray on the concert trail is the IP Resort, Casino, and Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi. This concert will happen on November 19th at 8pm. The venue's Facebook page suggests that it'll be a 2-hour concert and run until 10pm but the Casino's main page doesn't list a concert duration. In fact, if you click Ray's name at the Casino's main page it takes you to the Facebook link I provided above. The tickets for this concert went on sale back in the summer...according to the venue July 15, 2011 was the date.

There's not been any word if this particular show is a near sell-out or not but those in that vicinity and want to see the legendary Ray Stevens during his limited concert series should check things out when you click either of the links I provided.

Ray closes out November appearing in Canada at the Winter Festival of Lights concert series at the Scotiabank Convention Center on November 28th and November 29th. Here's the promo at the venue's web-page.

The most recent look at the view total for Ray's current music video, "Mr. President - Mr. President", is 273,380. The song comes from his CD, Spirit of '76.

A few blogs ago I mentioned that Ray has a new CD out called Bozo's Back Again. It was a surprise release as there were no advanced alerts that a CD was on it's way. I put my order in for the CD on Friday. I ordered the CD from Ray's web-store this past Friday so I'm hopeful that it'll arrive no later than the first week of November...hopefully it'll arrive by the end of the month considering that the 31st is a week from now and by that time my order will be more than a week old. I'll post about the CD's arrival, of course. Here's the link to the CD...

Bozo's Back Again.

As I touched upon in a previous blog, the songs on the CD are re-recordings of little known album tracks from Ray's past. There's one song, "Priceless", that I assume is brand new. At least I hadn't heard a song from Ray Stevens with that title before. I look forward to hearing all the songs and can't wait to review the CD, too!!

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