February 25, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 2...

Good Saturday morning...a lot of confusion took place the other day concerning Ray's television appearance on Larry's Country Diner. Originally it was reported that Ray's episode would air the second Thursday of March and then at what you might call the 11th hour a post appeared on Larry's Facebook page promoting Ray's appearance...for February 23rd(!). The episode that actually aired on February 23rd featured country legend Moe Bandy. The show airs again tonight at 11pm Eastern Time on RFD-TV and my program guide states that Ray Stevens will be the guest...but I have a feeling it'll be the Moe Bandy episode from the 23rd. Whichever episode airs later tonight I'll make a note of it here.

In the link below you'll be taken to a page at the American Country Countdown site. Kix Brooks interviews Ray Stevens for a segment called The Back 40. The video is broken into 5 parts and the best thing, in addition to getting to see Ray talk about comedy songs, is that you don't have to hit play at the end of each video. It automatically starts playing once a previous video clip has ended.

Ray Stevens and Kix Brooks

The issue of Country Weekly with the write-up/promo piece about Ray was in the local store this morning. It's the March 5th issue. In the article they show a picture of the box set and a few pictures from Ray's past. The article includes snippets of conversation with Ray about the box set and comedy songs in general. Also, there's commentary from Ray and the author of the article about the comedy song as an art form and how endangered it's become.

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