February 27, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 3...

It's a very interesting read. The article is written by a writer named Bob Paxman whose written a lot of articles that have been published in Country Weekly. I briefly mentioned this issue in one of my previous blog entries but I decided to give the issue much more greater exposure because as you can see from the various shots of the magazine cover there isn't any indication that there's an article about Ray Stevens in the issue. Those who follow Ray's career as closely as I often do knew ahead of time that the March 5th issue of Country Weekly would have a story on Ray and so when I saw it sitting at a news stand at the check out line I skimmed through the article while waiting in line at a store. Those of you who caught the G-A-C episode of On The Streets with Ray back on February 21st and watched the video clip of Ray and Kix Brooks you will not want to be without this issue because it puts down in written form a lot of things that were and were not discussed during Ray's two previous interviews. Also, because it's a magazine, there are pictures of Ray that appear within the article.

There's a picture of Ray in here from 1996 showing him at a computer in his office...surrounded by figurines on his desk as well as papers...including a picture on the wall of him performing at his Branson, Missouri theater in the early '90s. Within the article there are other pictures as well...the earliest dates back to 1970. Once the box set comes into my possession it'll take awhile to listen to the music...and to digest the booklet that comes along with it. I hesitate to talk at length about the comedy song, in general, because I'm saving this for the blog entry I write in the near future where I review the box set. Now, on the eve of the box set's release I thought it would be perfect to post the advertisement that Ray encouraged people on his Facebook page to use in their timeline. However, since I don't use the timeline version of Facebook I'm going to post the advertisement here to help spread the word about the box set's release tomorrow...yes...TOMORROW!! I can't wait to place my order at his web-site.

Here's the upcoming television appearances from Ray Stevens:

March 4: Crook and Chase; 6pm ET on RFD-TV

March 8: Larry's Country Diner; 7pm ET on RFD-TV

Larry's program will repeat several times after it's initial air-date. You will be able to catch the show 3 times. It's first airing will be Thursday March 8th at 7pm ET, then it repeats on Friday March 9th at 10am ET in select markets, and lastly on Saturday March 10th at 11pm ET. In my location we get the show twice: the Thursday and Saturday airings.

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