March 29, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 12...

Good Thursday morning...I'm attempting to figure out how to navigate this new Blogger design and layout scheme and so this particular blog entry will perhaps have a different flow of language to it as I'm not yet comfortable with this new version of Blogger. It's odd not seeing the usual design when I go to write an entry...I prefer the previous look, though!

A couple of days ago Ray Stevens, via Facebook, posted another image taken during a music video shoot. The first time around the image was of "Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild, Wild Women" and a few days ago he posted an image of himself in a straight jacket. Making sure it fit right was his songwriting, business, and music video partner Buddy Kalb. Here's the link to the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music. Once you visit the link you'll be at Ray's web-store. I noticed that a lot of the people who stop by this blog page have visited those Encyclopedia links that I'd been posting in this now 12-part Encyclopedia blog series. Judging from things I've read, Ray plans on doing a lot more national television and radio programs to promote this's only been available for 1 month and day (February 28th was the release date).

Since Ray's putting together music videos of some of the songs from the box set, presumably they'll be released on You Tube at some point, those video's should create even more awareness for the box set from the exposure they'll receive all over the world. 

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