March 12, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 8...

It's an early Monday morning...and yes, I'm pointing up to the advertisement image posted by Ray a few weeks ago on his Facebook page. As I mentioned at the time I don't have the newer Facebook design with the banner and all the bells and whistles that come with the updated look of the social network site (I prefer the basic design) and so I decided to post the image on several of my blog entries this month. I noticed several visitors were clicking the image...perhaps thinking it was a link to Ray's web-store? I'll post a link to the Encyclopedia page later on in the blog. As you can see from that image the Encyclopedia went on sale on February 28th. Tomorrow will make 2 weeks since it's release. Also, all of the songs on this box set are by Ray Stevens! Early on some people were thinking that Ray had gone through and compiled comedy songs by other singers and put their recordings in this collection as some sort of various artist project but that isn't what Ray did! Ray recorded all of the songs on this 9-CD, no, it isn't a compilation project of various artists as some very early on had assumed. When you get the CD you'll hear Ray's versions of a lot of the comedy songs from the last 60+ years. A lot of the songs on this collection I first heard by the original artists on Doctor Demento's radio program as I mentioned in a previous blog. Do you have any suggestions for additional comedy songs not found on this 9-CD collection? I'd like to hear Ray do versions of the following: "Shaving Cream", Spike Jones' "Chloe", two Johnny Cash hits called "Oney" and "Chattanooga City Limit Sign", "The Little Lady Preacher" and "Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On" both by Tom T. Hall. That's just a couple of the songs that I'd like to hear Ray include on some later project.

The video below has a little more than 3,000 views and I've embedded it before but I decided to embed it again because the earlier blog entry where it first made it's appearance is over in the archives somewhere. Of course you can easily watch this video clip on You Tube and at Ray's web-page in the Encyclopedia section. Here's a tip: while at You Tube it's best to do a search for the collection's title, Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music, and it'll be the first video in the search results because that's what Ray and his associates have titled the upload. If you search 'Ray Stevens' you'll have to sift through quite a few homemade video uploads until you come across this particular clip from a week ago...

I don't know what the advertising rates are but imagine if the video clip played on RFD-TV, as a commercial, during his appearance on Larry's Country Diner. It's just a belated thought, though. I'm sure those who purchased the box set have had time to digest it and analyze it by now. Speaking of RFD-TV, I came across just a few less than flattering comments regarding Ray's appearance on Larry's Country Diner last Thursday. Actually it was only two such comments so it's hardly the opinion of a majority of viewers/fans. The reason I point this out is because the criticisms were petty, in my opinion, and one of these criticisms was laced with political references so it's safe to say the criticism was politically motivated. A majority of Ray's fans enjoy his television appearances and I'm in that majority. It makes no difference to me if Ray sings or doesn't sing...if he uses click-tracks or uses a band...if he's political or not political...whether he's comical or being serious.

The bottom line is:

~Just give us Ray Stevens and we're happy!~

Click: Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music

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