March 17, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 9...

Hello Ray Stevens's a St. Patrick's Day and being part Irish I often intentionally wear something green on this day. I wore a darker green shirt at work last night and at the moment I'm in my usual olive green attire. There's not been a whole lot of news about Ray for much of the week and so I've been on a hiatus from the blog page.

However, I was looking through Twitter this morning and came across a link to a newly published interview at the Examiner web-page.

The interview is with Buddy Kalb and it picks up on a lot of information about Ray's Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music which is available at Ray's web-site. When you click this Jeremy Roberts interviews Buddy Kalb link you'll be taken to the Examiner web-page where you can read the interview. There are links to previous interviews, too!

Also, you can read my review of Ray's 9-CD Encyclopedia by clicking here. It's a quite lengthy review and one that I'll refer to as the weeks and months go by as Ray continues to promote the collection on TV and or radio programs. As soon as I find any link or web-site to any interview he's given, either it be on TV, radio, or for a magazine, I'll post the link(s) here of course!

~Just give us Ray Stevens and we're Happy~

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