March 9, 2012

Ray Stevens 9-CD box set, Part 7...

Hello all the Ray Stevens fans!! I'm sure quite a few of you already have The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music but if not you can get it at Ray's web-store. The link to the store is located further down the blog entry. My review of the 9-CD Encyclopedia was spotlighted on Ray's Facebook page the other day!! It was neat seeing my blog entry singled out by Ray's people. I wasn't expecting it because I've written reviews of previous CD's by Ray and so the one I wrote about the 9-CD collection was something I assumed would be seen by just those who visit this page so it was a surprise to see it spotlighted on his page of all places. It was surreal.

There have been several interviews and reviews and previews of Ray's 9-CD collection since my previous blog. One of those items turned up in Billboard magazine by a writer named Chuck Dauphin. The article revolves around the absence of comedy music on radio stations.

It can be read here.

As far as audio, Ray did a call-in on WKDW radio in Virginia. It's a classic country radio station on the AM dial. He called in to the Kris Neal program and spoke about past and current recordings. The call-in lasted a little more than 7 minutes.

You can listen to it by clicking the WKDW Podcast link.

Here's another audio clip...this is an interesting one and maybe appreciated only by those who are dedicated fans of Ray as I am but others might like hearing it, too. It's a short montage of a couple of radio station disc jockey's promoting Ray's Encyclopedia box set. Included in the audio clip is an unidentified female listener who won a copy of the collection during a station giveaway. Again, it's perhaps only interesting to certain ones but here's the link...

Radio promo spots

Depending on your browser these links may take you away from this blog page or the links may open up in a new window. If any of the links take you off this page, return and pick up reading where you left off.

Ray Stevens Encyclopedia web-store link

Last but certainly not least...Ray's fabulous appearance on Larry's Country Diner on RFD-TV. The episode aired March 8th at 8pm Eastern and it re-airs Saturday night at 11pm Eastern on RFD-TV. If you're not home Saturday and you get the channel make sure you tape it! The show opens up with Ray seated at the keyboard which is where he remains throughout the entire program. In his previous appearance in 2010 he was seated at the bar with friends Buddy Kalb and Norro Wilson. This time around Ray's way more music-driven than his previous episode from 2010 where he sang a couple of songs. Throughout the hour last night Ray performed four songs in their entirety...and chit-chatted for most of the program, too. Larry asks about "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon" which leads into discussion about "Jeremiah Peabody". Larry mentions the 9-CD Encyclopedia and they discuss the motivation behind it...bringing up Phil Harris and other comedy/novelty performers.

Ray performs "The Preacher and the Bear" and later the conversation turns to Chet Atkins which leads to "I Still Write Your Name in the Snow". The show's on-camera announcer, Keith Bilbrey, delivers a joke about the song and wonders about a dilemma occurring if the woman's name happens to be really long. For those who don't know what that song is all about the jokes will not be understood! Larry asks Ray if he co-wrote the song with Chet but Ray identified the co-writer as Billy Edd Wheeler.

Larry brings up "Everything Is Beautiful" and they both ponder about the certain things that experts say shouldn't be discussed at any great length because the subject matter can be divisive: religion and politics. Later the conversation turns to You Tube and political comedy...and as jobs/economy are being discussed Ray launches into "Get a Job". At one point in the show Larry brings up "Mr. President - Mr. President" and Ray remarks that the guy who wrote that is the same one that wrote the song about the squirrel. Buddy Kalb makes an appearance and discusses "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" which Ray also performs after referring to an Obama-prompter that the lyrics appear on.

It was a great appearance and it re-airs Saturday night March 10th at 11pm Eastern on RFD-TV.

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