May 24, 2012

Ray Stevens 9 CD box set, Part 17...

Good Thursday morning!!! Well, it's almost Memorial Day weekend...I don't have a 3-day weekend where I work but nevertheless it's still a 3-day weekend for millions of people.

Ray Stevens will give an interview this Friday on Mike Huckabee's radio program. The segment is scheduled to air 2:30pm Eastern tomorrow afternoon. Most AM stations have a bottom of the hour news break and so it'll probably get underway around 2:35pm but don't take my word for it...check the internet for radio station affiliates that carry his program and if you happen to be in the area simply tune your car or truck radio to the station and of course if you're near a computer tomorrow you can probably listen on-line to one of the various radio station affiliates.

Here's a detailed report about the upcoming interview. Huckabee's radio program airs on 200 radio stations and I assume at some point, for those who can't hear it live, there will be an archive podcast or something along those lines for those who'll miss the interview!?! The interview will be about The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music, which is currently in it's third month of availability (this coming May 28th will mark 3 months exactly).

There are no details on how long the interview will last but the media story that I linked to has the vital information. The details originated from the company that handles Ray's publicity, called Absolute Publicity. Their article was picked up by other web-sites and the link I provided comes from a site called Nashville Country Club.

Here is the Pacific, Central and Eastern time-zones to eliminate any confusion out there...

9am-12pm Pacific

11am-2pm Central

12pm-3pm Eastern

KSFO radio is in the Pacific time zone in Sacramento, California. You can listen to Huckabee's radio program via the following KSFO link.

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