May 6, 2012

Ray Stevens On Hee-Haw, Part 6!!!!!!

***Ray Stevens television alert!!!***

Tonight, May 6th 2012 at 8pm Eastern on RFD-TV, Ray Stevens' second appearance on Hee-Haw will be re-ran. 

RFD-TV is currently repeating the 1972-1973 season...this season originally aired for the first time on the channel during the latter half of 2011 through early 2012. 11 weeks ago the channel started airing the '72-'73 season once again. Ray Stevens, ironically, was one of the guests on the season opener performing "Turn Your Radio On" and "Along Came Jones". Dizzy Dean was one of the other guests on that particular episode. Typically what happens when it comes to airing of the reruns of Hee-Haw is a season of reruns will air, in chronological order, and then once those episodes have aired then they're repeated, only once, for the simple concept of filling a 52 week calendar year.

There were 26 episodes per season, airing weekly, during the first 23 seasons of the series (1969-1991) which adds up to 52 air-dates once you factor in the rerun. During the 1992 season there were only 22 episodes produced...enabling the show to have 4 open spots to air whatever rerun from 1992 that it chose.

Anyway, the particular episode that airs on RFD-TV later tonight, which also features Donna Fargo, was the 11th show of the '72-'73 season and so RFD has 15 more episodes remaining to re-air before they jump into the '73-'74 season later this fall. This 11th episode, for those keeping track, aired for the first time on RFD-TV on November 6, 2011. In this episode Ray, with a beard, performs "Gitarzan" and "Isn't It Lonely Together".

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