May 25, 2012

Ray Stevens and the Huckabee Radio interview...

Good Friday afternoon...I just finished making notes concerning the Ray Stevens interview that took place about 10 minutes ago on Mike Huckabee's radio program. The interview was great as I had hoped it would be. Even more great is that Ray was it wasn't a phone connection. I'm assuming Ray was in the studio with certainly sounded like he was. Mike began the segment promoting the Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music and he praised Ray's career and pointed out the various aspects of his career that the public at large may be unaware of. Ray spoke about the novelty song in general and how he's on a mission to save it from the endangered species list.

Mike plays a snippet of "The Streak" and this leads into a discussion about streaking and the story on how the song came into existence. Afterward, political incorrectness is brought up and this leads into a conversation about "Ahab the Arab" and the way it's perceived by those with a politically-correct mindset. Ray told the history of the song and mentioned that a certain political party twists things around when it comes to the song. Moving away from the perceptions of "Ahab the Arab" by a segment of the population, the two discuss politics...and Mike plays a snippet of "We the People".

Mike refers to Ray as being bold and unapologetic when it comes to the political messages featured in his recent recordings.

It was in this portion of the interview where Ray spoke about the double-standard that exists in the media when it comes to their reporting on liberal and conservative entertainers. Mike mentions how unique it is that Ray's able to convey such strong political messages using a comical overtone. Ray mentions Dick Morris, who was on the segment prior to Ray's interview, and how the news that Morris had spoke about concerning the Law of the Sea Treaty is one of his biggest worries.

Mike thanked Ray for being on the show and closed it with more words of praise for Ray's many talents in the recording studio and he closed the segment with a snippet of "Everything Is Beautiful".

For those who want to read up on the Law of the Sea Treaty, Google the following: Law of the Sea Treaty. You'll find all that you need to know.

Check out Ray's We The People and Spirit of '76 collections and the Let's Get Political book at Ray's web-site. All three items are offered in the Tea Party Special but you can get each separately, too. When you visit his site wait for the banners to load up to see the advertisements for the Tea Party Special as well as the 9-CD Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music.

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