May 16, 2012

Ray Stevens and the Duckafone...

Welcome to Wednesday...the many Ray Stevens fans out there will certainly get a huge laugh out of this particular video about a Duckafone. Ray and company uploaded it yesterday and so it's not been on-line quite yet a full day and it's gotten close to 1,000 views so far.

The video is a parody of a certain type of television commercial that used to air frequently on a multitude of cable channels...featuring singers performing snippets of songs on-camera from an accompanying album being advertised. Often these albums were released through Heartland Music and were, perhaps by design, compilation albums...usually released on artists and groups that were over the age of 40 who still had popularity with music consumers but weren't dominating the radio airwaves as before. Cynics might refer to the television albums that Heartland Music distributed as nothing more than "glorified compilation packages" but a whole lot of artists and groups from all styles of music found themselves on-camera participating in those commercials.

Ray did a TV commercial for his 1987 project, Get The Best of Ray Stevens, and would later revolutionize the home video industry in the 1990's with his home video television commercials.  Ray's commercials, though, were fast-paced and featured quick snippets of music video content or live performance content depending on which home video was being advertised and so they were a little bit different than a typical Heartland Music production.

The following video clip, however, parodies the Heartland Music album commercials...and as I said you're going to get a huge laugh out of this when you watch it...especially those who remember these kind of commercials and how frequently they'd air. 

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