October 17, 2012

Ray Stevens: Obama Nation, Part 22...

Seen the Ray Stevens "Obama Nation" music video yet? You have if you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time. The video's unique views currently sit at 662,692! It's gotten more and more exposure due to the series of debates and the closer we get to Election Day.

It's laughable seeing all of the liberal bloggers, pundits, and commentators in a giddy gaggle of excitement proclaiming Obama as the 'winner' of Debate #2 Tuesday night. Stand back and examine what's going on...they're excited because Obama raised his voice and laid on the arrogance, coupled with the interruption technique mastered by Joe Biden. Exactly what did Obama have to say about his time in the White House that he hadn't been saying all year long during the campaign speeches? What did Obama say that qualified him for another 4 years? He interrupted, twisted facts, played class warfare, and in the middle of it was a moderator who suspiciously ran to his aid whenever he was at a loss for words or was confronted with subject matter about his own record. So, no, Obama didn't 'win' last night...if one is to play the game of who won then you'd have to pick Romney as the winner again. He spoke about the facts, spoke about his ideas and visions for the country, and spoke about how he'd deal with the economy and what his foreign policy would look like. All Obama could do, as mentioned earlier, was raise his voice and eventually resort to name calling and 'gotcha' moments which, to me, shown he was simply there for potential sound-bytes and visual swagger to cheer up his voting base rather than have a discussion about the top issues of the day.

The Libya issue came up...and Obama had the nerve to say that he called it a terrorist attack a day later on September 12. What Obama did was use the phrase 'act of terror' in a generalization...those words were said in a speech he gave but in no way did he declare it a terrorist attack in the traditional sense and what's more baffling is why Obama, Hillary Clinton, and everyone else in the Administration were spreading the false story about the Libya event being tied to a You Tube video if they knew it was a terrorist attack all along. What's ended up happening is two to three story-lines are being muddled and blended together to create confusion. The third debate between Romney and Obama will be about foreign policy and so much will be discussed about Libya, I assume!?!

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