May 8, 2014

Ray Stevens and the local TV commercials...

Hello once's a brief blog post this time around. About an hour ago a vintage clip of Ray Stevens became available on-line. This time around the vintage clip spotlights a couple of local Nashville television commercials that Ray took part in for a Toyota dealership. I had no idea he had appeared in auto commercials but you learn something practically each week as a different vintage clip from his past becomes available for on-line viewing.

These commercials are great...yes, it's because Ray Stevens appears in them...there are 2 commercials back to back in the embed below...

The commercials incorporate humor, presumably due to Ray's involvement.

Be on the lookout for Rayality TV, webisode number 8, on Friday!! Ray should be in Shreveport, LA by now (if he took a plane). According to the information I found a couple of days ago about the Campin' Buddies project, filming takes place starting Monday, May 12th.


  1. I'm pretty sure he did one for a local dairy, too. Milk.

  2. Yes, you're correct. Although I've never seen the TV commercials I have come across several print advertisements featuring Ray selling products for Flav-O-rich and Farm Best at various moments in the '70s and early '80s.


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