May 16, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 9...

It's Friday...that means another installment of Rayality TV. This time around the spotlight is on the craziness of life and the ordeals people go through. This concept is aided by 2 music videos...the first is one from not too long ago, 2011's "The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore". This is the song/music video criticizing and mocking the TSA's airport security practices and procedures. It hit You Tube in February 2011 and it's gotten more than 480,000 unique views. "I Used To Be Crazy", the second music video in the webisode, comes from 1995 and had never been officially uploaded onto You Tube in any form by Ray before until today. The music video's origin is the 1995 direct-to-home video movie, Get Serious!. In the music video you'll see little snippets of scenes from the movie.

Ray should be busy filming scenes for Campin''s the day that they're suppose to film a scene that requires lots of extra's on the set. I mentioned this a couple of blog posts ago. Perhaps photo's from today's shooting will become available on-line.

For those curious...there wasn't a Throwback Thursday classic video uploaded yesterday on Ray's You Tube channel. It's become something of a habit for a lot of fans to see a vintage clip from Ray's past on Thursday and then on Friday see the latest Rayality TV installment...but for whatever reason there wasn't a clip uploaded yesterday.

I kept checking his channel at various times throughout the late afternoon and early evening but by the time 6pm rolled around I figured that if an upload hadn't become available by that time then none would. I checked his channel early this morning just to see if a Throwback Thursday clip had been added to his channel in the hours after I left the computer but none had been. Hopefully a classic clip becomes available this coming Thursday. In the meantime enjoy Rayality TV!!

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