May 23, 2014

Ray Stevens: Rayality TV webisode 10...

On today's webisode of Rayality TV there's some activity taking place at The Encore retirement addition to this we're entertained by "The Camping Trip", one of Ray's animated music video productions. The song's from the pen of Ray Stevens and Buddy Kalb.

Speaking of the great outdoors and camping...have you all visited the Campin' Buddies Facebook page? For those that haven't heard about it or hadn't read some of my recent blog posts, Ray Stevens is currently filming scenes for an upcoming outdoors film called Campin' Buddies. There's a Facebook page about the film and on it there are photo's and brief videos from the set. Earlier today a video clip (38 seconds) of Ray and Tom Lester filming a scene appeared on the film's Facebook page.

To see that clip, click the link and then go to the section marked 'Recent Posts by Others' and click 'See All'. At the moment they're nearing the end of the second week of filming. The third and final week of filming will get underway several days from now and the wrap up should be on May 31st. After filming is complete I assume Ray will take a couple days off to relax before gearing up for his appearance at the CMA Music Festival in early June.

Hot off the presses...some more solid information about the upcoming festival appearance...

***Ray is going to perform at the CMA Music Festival on June 7th at 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern***

June 7th is a Saturday.

The performance is to take place on the Durango Music Spot stage inside the Music City Center. The appearance is affiliated with radio station 650 WSM in Nashville (the home of The Grand Ole Opry). The performances by all artists are to be streamed on the radio station's website for those (like myself) that can't attend in person. I assume it'll be an audio stream only...not a video stream.

Here's the official press release: Ray at the CMA Music Festival 2014 and here's the Durango Music Spot line-up during the festival... Durango Music Spot line-up. As you'll see, this area is populated by traditional country, alternative country, and classic country artists. The press release, as mentioned, gives the time of 2pm Central (that's 3pm Eastern for those that live in the Eastern time zone and plan on listening to the performances).

Ray Stevens is scheduled to be interviewed by the one and only Ralph Emery on June 21st at the Nashville Public Library's main branch on Church Street. I may have mentioned this vaguely at some point in one of my blog posts earlier in the month but I don't recall mentioning any kind of specifics. You can visit the main branch's site HERE.

The interview and book signing is to take place inside the Little Auditorium area during a 3 hour session, 2-5pm Central. On Ray's webpage it lists the date as June 22 but if you click the "More Info" banner you'll see the correct date listed as Saturday June 21st. In the article you'll see that June 21 is being referred to as the 'official' release date of Ray's book, Nashville. I've made several blog posts about the book and wrote an Amazon review already. However, it looks like beginning a little less than a month from today Ray and his associates are going to start publicizing the book much more vigorously. I had been wondering when the marketing would start and now we've got a specific time frame.

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