June 30, 2014

Ray Stevens Latest Happenings...

Hello all Ray Stevens fans!! I've come today with some audio links of some of Ray's recent appearances...in the link below Ray performs "Nashville", "The Streak:", and "If Jesus Is a Stranger". The audience cheers as the opening of "The Streak" starts to play. The performance of "The Streak" is missing the kazoo whistle until the very end. Once you click the audio link you can either listen to the entire Opry presentation or you can fast forward until you hear Bill Cody introduce Ray. The link doesn't have a timer on it but from my listening to it on my car radio the night it originally aired I already know that Ray appeared during the last half hour segment.

Tuesday Night Opry: June 24, 2014

Here's an interview I came across today. It's from an internet series called Get Off Of My Lawn hosted by Bryan Cox. You can listen to the audio link HERE. It's highly engaging and Ray talks about his book/memoir, Nashville, and about Elvis among some other things.

Tonight at 8pm Eastern and running until 10pm Eastern, there's suppose to be an internet series that will feature a lot of Ray's songs. The link to hear the station is HERE. The page lists the DJ/host as having a regular one hour program on Monday nights but according to a post on a social media site, tonight's episode is going be 2 hours instead of 1 and Ray is to be a featured artist. Beyond this I have no idea the structure of the program or if it'll be an exclusive 2 hour block of nothing but Ray Stevens or if his songs will be played more than others. The host is named Bruce Toews and the program's official title is Toews on the Waves.

June 30 marks an anniversary...it was on June 30, 1962 that "Ahab the Arab" hit the Hot 100. It reached the Top-40 a couple of weeks later and on it's 5th chart week it had jumped into the Top-10. It spent 2 weeks in the Top-5 and sold more than a million copies.

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