June 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Nashville Memoir, Part 2...

Hello once more!! I came across a new piece about the Ray Stevens book and decided to write a blog post and share it with everyone. This time around the article comes from Roughstock and it's written by Alanna Conaway.

In my previous blog I forgot to mention that Rolling Stone magazine did an article on Ray's Nashville book. You can read the article HERE. The page that comes up is the printable page. I decided to share that one instead of the graphic-heavy page it originates from. The main page may load too slow for some and so I'm sharing the less cluttered page.

Also, in my previous blog post, I mentioned that once you click the Amazon link to Ray's Nashville book that the only review you'd see is mine. As it turns out, as I was writing my earlier blog and posting it, Amazon had uploaded a second review of Ray's book. This second review comes from a customer that purchased the Kindle version. I prefer paperback and that's the format I have. The second review is much more shorter than the one I did but at least the reviewer gave the book 5 stars.

Interestingly, if you visit Ray's webpage, you aren't going to find any big announcement about the book's release. If you visit his store you aren't going to see it for sale. I don't know if he's going to let on-line stores and Independent book stores have exclusive sales rights for a certain period of time before he adds it to his web-store but it's very unusual to not see any advertising on Ray's own website for the book. When I came home from work on Sunday evening I got on the computer and went to Ray's site. You know, since Sunday was the day of the book's 'official' street date release, I thought that when I'd click his site in my Favorites folder this past Sunday that I'd have a big display hitting me in the face announcing the book's availability but there is no such display (as of this writing). In the meantime, enjoy the hype and media reports about Ray's book...and here's the Amazon link to Ray's Nashville book.

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