June 27, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Nashville Memoir, Part Three...

Hello one and all...it's a Friday and if you've read my previous couple of blogs you'll know that things have started to pick back up once again in the Ray Stevens universe after a very brief downtime. Ray made the announcement yesterday that his book, Nashville, is nearly sold out of it's initial printing. He also mentioned that the book will be available in brick and mortar book stores and his website later in the summer.  For now, Amazon is the best place to go for your purchase of Ray's Nashville book.

I came across information about a July appearance by Ray Stevens at the Ford Theater inside the Country Music Hall of Fame. The information came from a comment made on Ray's page at the Facebook site. The appearance is on July 19th at 11:30am Central time...it's a Songwriter Session. The venue can handle a little more than 200 and therefore the ticket availability has some specific rules in place for people to adhere to and so read the rules carefully. You can read all about the Ford Theater appearance HERE.

Also...I came across...are you ready?? I came across THIS!!!!

Isn't that the greatest thing you've ever seen??? The release date is August 19, 2014!! Check out the track list!! A lot of medley's but there's plenty of stand alone songs, too.

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