June 24, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Nashville Memoir...

Oh yes it's me...I've been busy on a certain social media site during the latest happenings involving Ray Stevens. This past Sunday (June 22) Ray appeared at the Nashville Public Library for an interview with Ralph Emery and a book signing. I've come across one blog detailing the event and the blogger included an image of Ray and Ralph. In addition, the blogger posted an image of himself and Ray at the autograph table. So far, that's the only re-cap I've come across.

I had contacted the library several days before the event and asked if the program would be streamed/podcast, etc. etc. for those that couldn't be there in person. The reply I got is that it'll be available on the internet at a later date.

The library has a YouTube channel and they've uploaded several videos that have been taped at the facility...and so my guess is a video of Ray and Ralph should surface on the library's YouTube channel at some point in the future. Once I see a video posted at the library's YouTube channel or perhaps elsewhere, I'll share it in a future blog post.

Today is another eventful day in the career of Ray Stevens. Actually, though, it's tonight. Ray is going to make an appearance at the Tuesday Night Opry during the program's final segment. The last half hour of the Opry begins at 8:45pm Central and runs until 9:15pm. Those in the Eastern time zone that's 9:45pm-10:15pm. He'll be sharing the half hour segment with Charlie Daniels. I assume Ray, being the guest artist, will go first. I also assume this because right after Ray's performance he'll be whisked away to The Opry Shop to sign copies of his Nashville memoir. The shop is separate from the Opry and is open to the public...but the book signing's are exclusive to those that attended that evening's Opry performance...

In order to have your book signed by Ray, you'll have to show the store's staff your Opry ticket stub. The book signing is exclusive to those that attended the Tuesday Night Opry.

That disclaimer's been part of the Opry's event site for awhile and so if you've read their page in the days leading up to tonight's appearance you should be well aware of the book signing's exclusiveness. If you attend the Opry tonight and purchase Ray's book simply show the ticket stub to the Opry shop employee's and be in line for an autograph.

To listen to the Tuesday Night Opry, click their listen live button on 650 WSM's webpage.

The publicity for the book's arrival began late last week on June 18th. The Tennessean paper published a story about the book's upcoming release and you can see it HERE.

The Vintage Vinyl News site published this ARTICLE. A site called Broadway World posted this 2-page ARTICLE on June 18th. Country Weekly has an article on their SITE dated June 18th. Their article is going to be part of an upcoming issue of the magazine. The cover date for that issue is July 14, 2014. I'll be on the lookout for that issue of course!!

From June 19th here's a promo piece for the book from a site called The Boot.

The book's official release date happened to be this past Sunday June 22, 2014. It had been available for purchase since March. I purchased my copy on Amazon in April (as soon as I learned of the book's existence) and after reading it I posted a review of it here on my blog and then I posted a review over on Amazon. Feel free to comment or rate my review. If you hadn't purchased Ray's Nashville book, click HERE to do so. So far I'm the only one to have reviewed it...hopefully others will add their thoughts now that the book's officially been released and the publicity campaign is underway (this also means that a whole lot more people now know it's available for purchase!!).

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