October 17, 2009

Ray Stevens: Backstage Subscription

The most recent happenings in the world of Ray Stevens is this "Ray Stevens Backstage" offer. If you visit his web-page and wait a few seconds a video will pop up on the top left side of the screen and Ray will explain the offer. It's an "insider" kind of offer where you can see backstage video of Ray or hear sound bytes from Ray that the public at large won't have access to. It's a premium, though, and it costs a little under $5.00 a month which works out to $60.00 a year. From what I understand after you join this group you'll receive a monthly e-mail subscription renewal letter. As of now I have no idea if you can pay a larger amount for a lengthy subscription or if they're going to just have people go month by month. I'd prefer paying for half a year just to avoid having to pay something monthly.

Photobucket This is a single of Ray's from 1986. The song is "Can He Love You Half as Much as I?" and it was written by C.W. "Buddy" Kalb. The song didn't enter the country charts but it's a song that is in his concerts and a song that has become popular enough among his fans that it's just as memorable as the hit songs.


Ray made a music video of the song in 1995 and it's on the home video/DVD Get Serious. The song is an off-beat love ballad. It isn't exactly a comedy song but it isn't a full-fledged love ballad, neither. It's about a man asking a former lover of his if the new man in her life is adequate. Ray wonders if this new man can make the woman happy, make her laugh and giggle...but then he also wonders if the man can whistle Dixie while eating crackers or make music with his armpits. So, there's some humor in the song but Ray's vocal delivery is as serious as can be. It can be found on the 1986 album, Surely You Joust. If you look at my Tower o' Stevens, that particular album in cassette form is the 16th cassette from the bottom. To make it easier the color of the paper on the side of the cassette is brown...I don't think it's 100% brown. There seems to be a red tint as well...perhaps it's the funky color of burnt sienna? Whatever color it truly is, you'll be able to spot it with those color descriptions.


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