November 25, 2009

Ray Stevens: The Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving a fan of Ray Stevens I think I can safely speak for all that we're all thankful that he's a part of our lives in whatever way. Some fans are drive-by, some are passive, some are curious and interested, and some are die-hard. I fall into the last category of fan...but everyone knows that.

Ray's music has always been entertaining and interesting. I've come to the conclusion that there's not been a Ray Stevens song that didn't entertain me in some way. In this day and time Ray is well-known as a comical singer but as this blog illustrates there's much more than comedy when it comes to Ray. His latest single, "We The People", is comical but it's also rather pointed and satiric at the same time. I'm thankful that a free country allows mirth and mayhem and nobody is thrown in jail if they are not of everyone's taste. I read some commentary claiming that "We The People" goes too far. The single is mostly being discussed on social web-sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc etc. In my opinion as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I see nothing wrong with the song. It has just enough whimsical moments to where it isn't overly serious.

So, there's a lot to be thankful for in a free society. Those who like to brow-beat and feel the comedy of Ray Stevens is beneath them, they're free to have those opinions, but they're not welcome here, and being the creator of this blog page I have the right to be picky over content. In other words, pro-Ray Stevens feelings are welcome...anything negative is not. I'm thankful for the country enabling me to have those freedoms.

During my Thanksgiving day it traditionally consists of me and my family eating a lot of food. Some people don't celebrate Thanksgiving like that but in our family that's the way it's done. The food is fixed by my parent's and usually my sister's and brother bring things over to the house. The menu consists of the basics: Turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, dumplings, dressing, pumpkin pie, home-made noodles, deviled eggs, and Jell-O. Inside the Jell-O is fruit cocktail. The color of the Jell-O this year is purple. Usually the color is red and the flavor is strawberry or cherry but for whatever reason they wanted purple this year. The Thanksgiving feast is often ready around 1pm or 1:30pm. I will be watching football...I heard that there will be two games on tomorrow on regular cable and then a third game on the NFL Network. I don't have that channel so I'll watch the football game that the local channels air.

The day after Thanksgiving is big-time shopping. I will by-pass this. This is when I start to listen more and more to holiday songs and Ray has that new CD available, Ray Stevens Christmas, that you all should seek out!!

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