October 9, 2014

Ray Stevens: The Praise the Lord appearance...

Hello all...it's been a week since my previous blog entry (for those that might be curious). An upcoming Ray Stevens appearance that I'd often been writing about in the last several blog entries finally aired a couple of days ago on October 7th. This appearance, taped in September, aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network series Praise the Lord. The program runs 2 hours...and there's a video clip available. You can see the video HERE.

Obviously being a 2 hour program there are a lot of other artists appearing throughout.

Ray's appearance comes during the final half hour (roughly 1 hour, 30 minutes into the 2 hour program). Religious personality Jason Crabb hosts this particular episode. Ray is interviewed (this lasts around 10 minutes) and he talks about the gospel CD and the origins of "Everything is Beautiful" and "Mississippi Squirrel Revival". He performs "If Jesus is a Stranger", "The Preacher and the Bear", and "Shall We Gather at the River/Down By the Riverside". During the performance segment (in between songs) the image of the Gospel Collection, Volume One CD flashed on the screen as did the image of his memoir, Nashville. A rather nice promo for both items if I do say so myself. Shifting gears...the Ray Stevens music video "If You Like Your Plan" has moved past the 25,000 mark in unique views. I had commented earlier on about how I felt that this week (starting back on October 2) would be the 'impact' moment for the music video. What is an 'impact' moment? The impact moment is the point of time where a new product issued to the masses (a CD, a song, a music video, a book etc.) is suppose to have it's biggest impact with it's targeted audience.

The music video, as of October 9th, has 26,663 unique views. This is a pick-up of 2,746 (the numbers posted in my previous blog entry had the video sitting at 23,917)...and so it's been a rather modest week in unique views. There's several reasons for this...

It's just my opinion (based on the facts up to this point) but I've started to think that the video isn't meant to be a major release...some of his YouTube music videos may get a lot of publicity (including publicity from various Fox News programs) and then there are some music videos of his that don't cross over into high-profile television exposure.

Another reason for the video's brief stall in viewership is most certainly the national conversation at the moment. The national conversation isn't about Obama Care...it may indeed return to Obama Care by month's end as the midterm election cycles reaches it's peak...but at the moment the 2 topics dominating the national news cycle is the Ebola virus and ISIS. The latter stands for Islamic State in Syria.
Did you hear the news the other day? Obama stated in one of his speeches, and I'm paraphrasing: "I'm not on the ballot this November but my policies are!". So let it be known this midterm election cycle and shout it at the top of your lungs:

A vote for a Democrat this November is a vote for Obama!!

Obama...the guy that assured people that their health coverage wouldn't change or go away as a result of his pet project...

You can purchase the CD copy of Gospel Collection, Volume One HERE.

Amazon is nearly sold-out of the Nashville hardcover version of the memoir...the paperback's been sold-out/out-of-stock for several weeks. The Amazon product page for the hardcover format states there's only 2 left in stock. If you don't want to risk the possibility of the book being out-of-stock on Amazon the minute you decide to make an order I suggest you play it safe and visit Ray's on-line store. He's selling the hardcover format of the book and you can read more about it HERE.

I can't wait to see what else Ray Stevens has planned for the remainder of 2014 as we've since entered the fourth quarter of the year!!

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