September 6, 2016

Ray Stevens: Dear America music video....

Hello one and all!!! Today's the day that the brand new song from Ray Stevens becomes available for purchase!!! Like a kid on Christmas morning is the description of my excitement over finally being able to purchase the Mp3 of "Dear America" over on AMAZON this morning!!

Mp3 on Sale Now!!
The music video has just been released, too. It hit the internet literally minutes before I began putting together this blog entry. A country music site called The Boot had the exclusive premiere of the music video and here's a link to their REPORT. The website is one of the few mainstream country music sites that embrace established, legendary performers along side the contemporary country artists of today and The Boot, more than any other, offers articles about Ray Stevens.

A couple minutes after the video made it's exclusive premiere on The Boot, it went live on YouTube! I'm embedding the video here...

I usually don't embed the video's that big but I tried to embed it at a smaller size but it looked too much like a CinemaScope presentation. The appearance above is the best looking embed I could come up with and so that's the one I'm sticking with. I trimmed the video screen measurements found in the embed code from YouTube's default 560 width x 315 height to 455 x 265. I hope you all love the music video as much as I do...and love the song as much as I do!! 

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