September 13, 2017

Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville...Mark Wills

Hello's me blogging on a Wednesday morning of all things!! I happened to be doing a quick on-line overview of sites that I frequent and I came across a YouTube clip promoting the Mark Wills episode of Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville. It aired here this past Saturday but I realize that the episode could air at a later date should the series start airing on even more PBS stations in the coming weeks/months. As always spoilers abound in my reviews and so if you hadn't seen this episode yet you may want to read some of my other blog entries in the archive section off on the right hand side of the screen.

Ray opened the show singing "Too Drunk To Fish". Now, for those that don't know, this is one of Ray's popular on-line music videos. Ray recorded the song for his Hum It album (1997) and the music video arrived shortly after. He had performed the song several other times on television programs. One of the performances took place on the George Jones Show. After the performance a clip from Ray's 1995 Get Serious! movie is spotlighted. It's the scene in which the security guard (a gorilla) is seated in Ray's dune buggy...eventually culminating with the showering of counterfeit money. After Coy notices that the money has Ray's face instead of George Washington it cuts back to the audience and Ray's introduction of Mark Wills.

Mark discusses his experience as the voice of Huckleberry Finn in an animated movie about Tom Sawyer which leads Ray to make mention of the song he co-wrote and recorded for the Tom Sawyer soundtrack...that song being "Injurin' Joe". Mark voiced Huckleberry Finn in that animated movie. Rhett Akins voiced Tom Sawyer. Mark had no idea that Ray contributed to the project all those years ago. The project was released back in 2000.

In one of the thrilling moments of the episode Mark performs "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" with Ray on the piano and singing harmony vocals during the chorus. Mark seemed to genuinely get a kick out of performing it...and to my ears he even sounded like Ray Stevens while singing it!

After this bit of whimsical entertainment it was time to get serious as Mark performed one of his hit songs, "19 Somethin' ". That particular single spent 6 weeks at number one in 2003 and ended up being the number 3 song of the entire year. In a second installment of the Video Spotlight it focuses on "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens", a duet between Ray and Connie Freeman (the actress portraying Charlene MacKenzie in the Get Serious! movie in 1995). In the final song of the episode Ray treats everybody to his version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"...and no, he didn't hit any falsetto/high notes in an attempt to emulate Frankie Valli...but it's a great performance from Ray nevertheless. You'll get just a brief taste of the song when you watch the video clip above. I'm sure it's going to be on some future CD...I hope!!

The special guest this coming Saturday is Duane Eddy!

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