November 1, 2008

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This is the 1985 version in LP format of "Collector's Series". It took me about 5 minutes to find it on my computer. This is the version with One More Last Chance as track seven. I have a picture of myself with the 1985 cassette edition but the image is too big and so I never posted it and opted for this smaller LP picture instead.

Ray wrote two of the eight songs: "Shriner's Convention" and "The Dooright Family". Those two songs appeared on his 1980 comedy album, "Shriner's Convention" that I'll get around to spotlighting in a future update. Ray's brother, John, is a co-writer of "Country Boy, Country Club Girl" with Buddy Kalb. One of the earlier songwriter's associated with Ray is Layng Martine, Jr. Layng supplied Ray with several songs in the early 1970's and at one time released "Rub It In", a song later a huge hit for Billy 'Crash' Craddock. Ray had produced Layng's recording.

Layng wrote "Put It In Your Ear", the 1980 comedy song that replaced "One More Last Chance" on the 1987 re-issue. Layng would later supply Ray with a future recording...1987's "The Flies of Texas Are Upon You".

C.W. Kalb, Jr also known as 'Buddy' Kalb, wrote two songs on his own spotlighted on this release. "You're Never Goin' To Tampa With Me" and "Let's Do it Right This Time". Kalb grew up with Ray and came aboard in the mid 1970's as a songwriter. The first Buddy Kalb song that Ray recorded and put on an album was "One and Only You", an inspirational song, found on Ray's 1976 album "Just For The Record". Kalb became a bigger songwriting presence in the mid 1980's when Ray joined MCA Records.

One of the interesting things is, even in cyber-space, these recordings are the only RCA selections available for purchase. RCA, for whatever reason, has never put out his material in any abundance. I grew up listening to Ray Stevens, pretty much, on the cassette tapes my grandfather owned...if it weren't for this "Collector's Series" project that my grandfather bought me years ago in the early '90s I wouldn't have heard six of the eight songs until I started building up my Ray vinyl collection. So, the RCA material is scarce...fortunately I have his vinyl albums and have been able to hear all of Ray Stevens...those album tracks that were never issued as commercial singles...songs rarely highlighted or promoted...much like six of the eight songs on this collection from RCA...

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