November 4, 2008

More Ray Stevens

Here are the back covers of the Barry Manilow and Ray Stevens albums. The first picture of Barry and the dog next to Ray and the dog. An interesting tidbit of information about Ray's shirt. I have no way to confirm it but "I Love Bagels" may in fact be in reference to Barry Manilow's beagle, whose name was Bagels. I found this out reading Barry Manilow's autobiography called "Sweet Life" that I have in my collection. When I came across the section of Barry's book that mentioned a beagle named Bagels, I immediately thought of Ray's shirt on the back of his 1979 album. So, "I Love Bagels" may be in reference to Barry's beagle or, of course, it could simply be a joke on Barry's New Yorker upbringing and the stereotypical treat for many are bagels. Anyway, in the "I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow" song that Ray recorded, it included a line about the beagle biting the Vet. Isn't it nice to have someone like me rattling off such trivia!

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