November 16, 2008

Ray Stevens: Take Your Love...take it and go...

One of my favorite songs on the 1981 Ray Stevens album, One More Last Chance, is "Take Your Love". It's a love ballad delivered with a sense of urgency and emotion not heard on previous love ballads by Ray Stevens. In the song, Ray sings about a life that's seen nothing but heartaches and trouble ever since he lost a woman he once was a companion with. This advise of "take your love..." is being directed at a new woman in the man's life. The man doesn't want to risk being hurt once more and so he tells her to go away and gives her warning that being with him wouldn't be a pleasant task. The song is ambiguous in that it doesn't really say where it takes place but judging by the lyrics it sounds as if it takes place at a bar...which would fit in with the overall theme of lonesomeness and heartache that this album projects. The album contains 10 songs...mostly all love ballads, or, ballads in general...the only time the album really kicks into high gear is on the trumpet heavy song, "Pretend", which was originally a slow ballad by Nat King Cole. "Pretend" in the hands of Ray Stevens is turned into a Herb Alpert-like number. It's a catchy performance. "Take Your Love" is on the opposite extreme. The title track, which hit the country music Top-40, features electric guitars as the lead instruments and it has a mid-tempo melody but it's still, of course, a love ballad.

1. One More Last Chance {mid-tempo}
2. Just About Love
3. Certain Songs
4. Melissa
5. I Believe You Love Me {mid-tempo}
6. Pretend {up-tempo}
7. It's Not All Over
8. Let's Do it Right This Time {mid-tempo}
9. Take Your Love
10. Night Games {mid-tempo}

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