January 15, 2013

Ray Stevens and his Reality Show...

I've not written much about the new reality show from Ray Stevens because of the severe limited availability of The New TNN sub-channel across the United States.

The original Nashville Network was on the air as a country music oriented channel from 1983 through 1999. In 2000 it dropped all of the original country music programming and began airing reruns of numerous television shows and made-for-TV movies from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Concurrent with this the network's name was changed to The National Network and in 2003 it was changed to Spike, the name it still uses.

The Nashville Network was re-launched as a country music outlet in November 2012. It was re-launched as a digital sub-channel. This means that the availability of the channel is in the hands of local television outlets who offer sub-channels to their viewers. Most local television stations have a sub-channel and in major cities you'll more than likely discover that local channels have multiple sub-channels. This is why I referred to this new TNN as being severely limited in it's availability because, as of now, it's only available in a handful of local markets as a sub-channel and those markets are in Tennessee with almost all of the rest in the deep south and so this program is more or less has the feel of what's known as a regional program. 

As you all are aware, Ray Stevens has thousands upon thousands of fans, and that's why I've not written much about this reality show of his because I know thousands upon thousands of fans will have no way of watching it. Nevertheless, Ray put together a short commercial advertisement for the program almost a week ago and it was uploaded onto You Tube...  

An official statement about the Rayality TV program, including it's airtime, can be found Here.

Maybe this latest TNN will become much more widely available...I hope it will become available as a mainstream cable-TV channel at some point.


  1. Another possibility would be if the network went online so shows could be streamed there. It appears to be a repackaging of his videos and possibly other TV performances, most likely from the TNN vault.

  2. Based on other things I've read the show will follow a different theme/topic on each episode with all of the video clips, both new and old, having something to do with that topic. There's exclusive video footage taped fairly recently as well as older clips that had never been available to the general public. I wish the local stations in my area would replace what they're airing on their sub-channels with the TNN programming but I doubt that will happen. We'll more than likely have to wait until this re-launched TNN becomes part of everyone's basic cable package or as you mentioned, wait until the time comes when the channel offers video streams of their programs.


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