January 21, 2013

Ray Stevens and the Politics of Humor, Part 4...

Here it is a Monday morning and most if not all news programs this morning will be covering the 2013 Inauguration. Although the inauguration took place on January 20th at noon it was behind closed doors. I was not aware that news stopped on a Sunday or that television camera's weren't operational on Sunday but the public swearing in will take place later today, January 21st. I guess they wanted to push back the televised inauguration to the 21st because the 20th was a big day for football playoffs and it wouldn't look too good, ratings or ego wise, to see the NFC and AFC Championship games pull in bigger numbers than the inauguration but anyway the televised swearing in will be today. Will any of you be watching it? I won't be watching it.

I'll no doubt see a clip of the swearing in on any number of the local newscasts but as far as the actual inauguration event goes, news coverage will last anywhere from 4 to 5 hours(!) and given that Obama was not exactly my choice for President in 2008 or 2012 explains the reason I won't be watching the swearing in. There are alternative programming choices, of course, for those who don't want to see the televised inauguration. The Chiller Network has a mini-marathon of Tales from the Crypt and a program titled Nightmare Room. The name of that last series could easily be applied to the Oval Office since January 2009. TV Land will air a mini-marathon of The Andy Griffith Show. There is always the Game Show Network as well as Boomerang to escape the inauguration coverage and of course you can always listen to the music of Ray Stevens!!

How many have stopped by the Ray Stevens You Tube Channel? I've posted the link before but in case some missed it I posted it once again. It's a quick reference to all of the officially released music videos on You Tube from Ray Stevens. The videos are listed in reverse chronological order from latest to earliest. It's also a quick reference to catch up on the on-line view totals. On this inauguration day take a listen to "Obama Budget Plan", "Obama Nation", "Mr. President - Mr. President", "We the People", and "The Global Warming Song", just to name a few. These songs/videos, in particular, will remind you of Obama's goals and his divisive and underhanded practices and just how ruthless he can afford to be knowing that he has four more years and no re-election to worry about.

"The Global Warming Song", in my opinion, will have a lot more social impact during the next several years because Obama, I feel, will become more tyrannical when it comes to America's energy resources and the embracing of the EPA will become even more sickening. The song pokes fun at global warming and sends a message that people can be in favor of environmental protection without going to extremes...but when you have a President whose a left-wing extremist and one that surrounds himself with radical left-wing extremists it's impossible NOT to ignore the extreme nature of the policies he champions and I assume that's mostly why those extremes are spotlighted, in song and music video, by Ray Stevens. Those who choose to ignore the facts about Obama, well, they'll remain a mystery to me.

For those unaware there were quite a few bills signed into law by Obama over the course of 2009 through 2011 that wouldn't kick in until several years later...of course, those who feel the way I do, we were hoping to get a new President in 2012 and more Congressional seats in the Senate to stop those laws before they started to be enforced. Now, we're "several years later", and those laws are gradually being implemented. Now, of course, the reason why these laws wouldn't become enforced until after 2012 is obvious.

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