February 4, 2010

Ray Stevens and Ahab...

Welcome to this installment of the Music Journey! A lot has been said of one of Ray Stevens biggest hit songs, "Ahab the Arab". I've written about this song before in a couple of blog entries, too. The single dates back to 1962 and a lot of it's inspiration according to Ray came from the early 1920's silent films. Rudolph Valentino, in particular, appeared in a film called The Sheik in 1921 and then a year later there was another silent film released called Burning Sands. I believe if people who have complained about this song at some point in time would realize that there is no deliberate malice at play and that it's basically a love story set in Arabia during the early 1900's I think a lot of the belly-aching would stop.

I'm not saying all of the belly-aching would stop because there are people out there who thrive on that sort of thing...but by and large the people who come across this music video nowadays should take into consideration the intent of the song's writer instead of automatically lumping Ray Stevens into the insensitive category. The music video here is the official release. I noticed that the video had several thousand hits, 29 ratings, but only two comments as of this writing. One of those two comments is my own. So, in an effort to continue and expose the music video that Ray's You Tube people uploaded last July I'm putting it in this blog entry. As of now it has 8,738 hits which is relatively low compared to how long it's been uploaded.

The single was released in 1962. It became a Top-5 pop hit and a Top-10 R&B hit that year and went on to sell over a million copies. A music video never materialized until 1995 and that is what you see here. The music video was part of a 1995 direct-to-home video movie that Ray released that year. The movie was called Get Serious and this music video was the last one featured before the closing credits rolled.

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