February 3, 2010

Ray Stevens: We The People music video, Part Four...

2,582,851 hits have accumulated for the You Tube music video from Ray Stevens, "We The People". The video continues to rake in several thousand hits per day. This is February 3 and in nine days the music video will mark it's second month on You Tube. December 11, 2009 through January 11, 2010 is it's first month; January 12, 2010 through February 12, 2010 will mark it's second month. If you're going by a month by month basis, though, it's three consecutive months: December, January, and February.

There have been a lot of political dynamics at play over the course of the last several weeks in an attempt to push health care to the back burner but a decision in Virginia elevated health care back into the fray once again on Tuesday. The state legislature passed a bill making Government mandated health care illegal in Virginia. This is perhaps the start of a growing trend across the nation where other states take action well before Congress in Washington, D.C. has any opportunity to push through ObamaCare should the Democrats entertain the notion of doing so. Imagine the message it would send the Federal Government if states all over the country began drafting and passing bills in the State legislature that rejected the national health care bill proposal, affectionately known as ObamaCare, and in effect making it illegal. I don't think anyone has ever witnessed such an uprising in modern times from the State Government's toward the Federal Government should other states follow Virginia. Constitutional scholars no doubt will weigh in on these kinds of situations in the days to come.


From time to time I like to do these Ray Stevens through the years picture displays. The two black and white pictures of course originate from the 1970's. The first image was used as a publicity picture in the early to mid 1970's. It appeared on several picture sleeves of singles that were issued overseas. The picture, as far as hairstyle is concerned, is also similar to the one that appears on his 1973 Nashville album. The second image is from the mid 1970's. A variation of that picture appeared on the back of his 1975 Misty album. The image was also used in trade publications/magazines of that time period.


In the images above we see a publicity picture of Ray from the early 1990's. The image appeared on his 1991 Greatest Hits album that Curb Records released. I do not know if that album is where the image originated or not but since then it's appeared all over the internet and in country music reference books. Of course, the fourth image is the current single, "We The People".

Has anyone ever thought to take into consideration just how much Vice President Joe Biden has strikingly similar facial expressions to former President, Andrew Johnson? Are the two of them descendants or anything? Google images of both Andrew Johnson and Joe Biden and see the similarities. Joe Biden does smile more...but pretty much they both have that withdrawn, somber, down in the dumps expression.


It's one of the eeriest similarities that I've come across...as far as this sort of thing is concerned. You can click on each image for a bigger view.

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