March 30, 2010

Ray Stevens: Opry Country Classics

This Thursday, April Fool's Day, Ray Stevens will be the spotlight artist on WSM radio's program, Opry Country Classics. The show will feature eight guests and host, Larry Gatlin. Well, technically, there will be more than eight guests when you count the number of people in the Opry Square Dance group. April Fool's Day usually marks the time where comedy in country music and novelty songs in general are spotlighted or promoted in some way or another. This spotlight is mostly relegated to classic country radio stations and, or, public radio stations. Top-40 country radio stations don't participate in the fun.

A couple of entertainers in country music known for comical material appear on Opry Country Classics this April 1st. Mike Snider will be featured as will Ray Stevens. The show airs from 8-10pm Eastern time and 7-9pm Central time on 650 WSM radio. I am assuming that the program will also be streamed on-line at WSM's web-site. I hope so! If it isn't streamed on-line I think I'll plan a 2 hour drive somewhere Thursday night and listen to the show in my car. I can pick up WSM much better in my car radio in the evening and night hours...for whatever reason my portable radio can't pick the station up that well. Here is the line-up for Opry Country Classics for April 1st:

7pm-9pm Central; 8pm-10pm Eastern

Larry Gatlin: Host

Spotlight Artist: Ray Stevens

Other guests will include: Jeff Bates, Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, Jack Greene, Opry Square Dancers, Mike Snider, and The Wrights.

This is an image of a poster but it could pass for the image of Ray's 1988 comedy album, I Never Made a Record I Didn't Like. I wrote about this album's the album that features his hilarious version of Michael Jackson's song, "Bad". This is also the album that features "Surfin' USSR" and it's also the album that features "Old Hippie Class Reunion". If any of you are a member of Ray Stevens Backstage as I am you're very familiar with Ray's on-line sit-com, We Ain't Dead Yet. On this show several catch-phrases from the hippie song can be heard during segments where a couple of hippies sit around making commentary on society and of their own misadventures. The hippies sit in the dark where their faces aren't seen too good. Ray's 1988 comedy album is one of my has high-brow, low-brow, and mainstream comedy along with parody and irony. Songs included on the 1988 album are...

1. Surfin' USSR
2. The Booger Man
3. Mama's in the Sky With Elvis
4. Language, Nudity, Violence, and Sex
5. Bad
6. The Day I Tried To Teach Charlene MacKenzie How To Drive
7. Blood and Suede
8. Ethelene the Truckstop Queen
9. I Don't Need None of That
10. Old Hippie Class Reunion

"Throw the Bums Out!" is now up to 57,152 hits on You Tube. Although it isn't a competition, this is several hundred more hits than "Caribou Barbie" which currently sits at 56,321. To be specific, 831 hits separate both music videos. Each of these music videos were released around the same time..."Caribou Barbie" was released 11 days prior to "Throw the Bums Out!". The attention grabbing title of "Throw the Bums Out!" of course has helped it gain more ground on "Caribou Barbie". I'm sure Ray doesn't mind at all that his two new music videos are both having strong reaction on You Tube.

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