March 10, 2010

Ray Stevens: Those Towns across the Country...

Throughout much of the 1980's Ray Stevens put several small towns on the map that otherwise would have remained anonymous. Not all of the towns that have been mentioned in Ray's songs are small, though. Hahira, Georgia immediately comes to mind. This is where the fictional "Shriner's Convention" took place that Ray had a hit with in 1980. Hahira is also mentioned in Ray's song, "Erik the Awful", as one of the places that the vikings conquer on their journey. Valdosta, Georgia is mentioned in 1987's "Sex Symbols". Ray mentioned his hometown of Clarkdale, Georgia in the 1988 song "The Day I Tried To Teach Charlene MacKenzie How To Drive". Throughout "The Haircut Song" Ray mentions Butte, Montana and Coos Bay, Oregon plus Los Angeles, California as well as an un-named small town in which the only barbershop in town was one with a steeple with a barber that doubled as a preacher. A 1985 comedy song, "Vacation Bible School", takes place in Tallapoosa, Georgia. In the 1986 song, "Southern Air", Ray mentions that the flight is non-stop from Hahira, Georgia to Jerry Clower's famed Yazoo City, Mississippi. Another town that Ray has sung about is Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1984's "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival".

This brings us to "Family Funeral Fight", a comedy song Ray recorded and put on his 2005 Box Set collection. The song takes place in Ducktown, Tennessee at a funeral but chaos ensues instead. A lot of the fun is hearing Ray describe the action and hearing the banjo plucking away in the background. You can purchase the song for only 99 cents at many on-line music stores, specifically, Amazon.

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