January 13, 2018

Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville...Jimmy Wayne

Oh it's me once more and I'm recapping episode 12 of Ray Stevens CabaRay Nashville, Season Two. The guest star this time around happened to be Jimmy Wayne. Ray opens the show performing "Smoky Mountain Rattlesnake Retreat" and this is followed by a clip from his internet series, We Ain't Dead Yet, from several years ago. The clip shown is actually from the first episode and it features Louise Mandrell as the Judge sentencing Ray to several months of community service at The Encore, a home for retired entertainers.

Jimmy Wayne is brought out after the rather unusually lengthy clip. Jimmy speaks of his upbringing and broken home stemming from being abandoned by his father and having a mother in and out of jail. Given his upbringing he's very passionate about the plight of foster children and the homeless and he speaks of being a guard/correction officer at a prison and took songwriting advice from an inmate. He mentions being a songwriter for the Acuff/Rose publishing company in the late '90s and early 2000s prior to becoming a recording artist. His first songwriting hit, "Put Your Hand in Mine", was a Top-20 hit for Tracy Byrd in 1999.

He speaks of his hike from Nashville, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona to raise awareness for the homeless youth and foster children during a project called Meet Me Halfway. The pledge was to walk 25 miles per day and he arrived in Phoenix in August 2010 after having began the trek in January 2010. Ray promotes Jimmy's book, Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way.

A clip of Ray being scolded by fictional Nurse Broadside at The Encore is played and it includes a cameo appearance by Darrell Waltrip.

Jimmy performs "Sara Smile", a single of his from 2009. This is followed by a performance of "I Love You This Much", a single from 2003. Jimmy hasn't placed a single or album onto the charts since, ironically, 2010...the year he did the hike.

The overall tone/mood of the show was somber...and if not for the opening performance and the two clips from We Ain't Dead Yet the entire episode would've been serious from beginning to end because Ray closed the show performing the emotional ballad, "Safe at Home".

The special guest on the 13th and final episode of Season Two was Reed Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

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