June 5, 2010

Come for the Laughs with Ray Stevens...

As one of the biggest Ray Stevens fans around I love the continued success of his latest music video on You Tube. "Come to the USA" has now risen to 2,136,682 hits and I caught a commercial for the We The People CD collection on Fox News Channel. Ray has a commercial uploaded on You Tube which runs over 2 minutes in length...the commercial that I saw during Glenn Beck's program Thursday was completely different from the one on You Tube. I uploaded the longer commercial in a previous blog. The shorter commercial that's been airing on Fox News Channel starts off with Ray singing a piece of "If 10% Is Good Enough For Jesus" as Ray does a voice-over talking about the collection and the over 3 million views of "We The People". The You Tube commercial has gotten 31,900 hits and "We The People" is getting close to 3.2 million hits.

One of the other great things is the continued success of the CD on Amazon. The CD as well as the digital Mp3 version has been jumping around in the Top-50 of the country and pop music lists as well as the Top-10 in the Mp3 comedy release list since April. As of this writing it's in the Top-10 among best selling country music CD's at #8 and #61 among pop music CD's. The Mp3 counterpart shows the digital CD at #4 among best selling comedy releases and #23 among country music releases. As I always remind readers: these numbers fluctuate every hour. A #4 one hour can be a #45 the next and then back up to #17, etc etc. The object of the game, as is the case with anything that's on a popularity chart, is to stay as high on the best seller lists as possible or remain among the Top-100 as much as possible. In other words be a consistent seller. Amazon ranks everything it sells. There are lots of CD's on there with sales ranks in the thousands, for example.

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