June 3, 2010

Ray Stevens at 2 million and climbing...

As a lot of us Ray Stevens fans have anticipated...it's finally happened! "Come to the USA" has vaulted past the two million mark on You Tube. The specific hit count for the music video is 2,040,255 and climbing! The video had gotten over a million hits prior to it's exposure on Megyn Kelly's Fox News program back on June 1st and was a couple hundred thousand hits away from hitting the two million mark...and since then the video has indeed reached the two million plateau. However, as a consequence(?) of the high profile exposure, which included a live interview with Ray, the predictable claws from the liberals and progressives who dominate much of the on-line blogosphere have shown their razor sharp presence. Over the course of the last few days one left-wing blog site after the other has jumped on the Megyn Kelly interview with Ray and, predictably, the liberal bloggers savaged the interview and the music video with the typical liberal ammunition: when all else fails call someone a racist.

I think I know why this CD hasn't appeared in Billboard yet...because it's officially on pre-order until next week. Although the Mp3 digital album has long been available...going back to early April...I think Billboard's policy states that a CD has to be officially released. If this is the case I hope the CD makes some appearances on the various sales charts...according to it's high sales rankings on Amazon over the last several weeks it should find a home somewhere on the national music charts...at least that's what I'm hoping. Although we, as fans, know how successful the CD is the music insiders tend to wait until something shows up in Billboard magazine before they'll give it any spotlight. A CD that contains songs that have become super-viral video hits on You Tube in theory should make a splash on the charts?? Amazon shows the Mp3 version isn't officially released until June 15 while the CD shows June 8 as it's release date. Meanwhile the tracks from the Mp3 version have been available for purchase since April and Ray's music store at his web-site have been selling the CD since April as well.

Here's another look at the You Tube commercial for Ray's latest CD...it includes "Come to the USA" but it wasn't a music video when the commercial was made and so it isn't highlighted...

The track-list includes the following:

1. We The People: 3.1 million video hits on You Tube
2. Caribou Barbie: You Tube viral video
3. Stand Up
4. Three Fractured Factions
5. Dear Andy Griffith
6. The Global Warming Song
7. Let's Roll
8. Solar Powered Song
9. Fly Over Country
10. We Are the Government
11. The Fallen Ones
12. Come to the USA: 2 million video hits on You Tube
13. If 10% Is Good Enough for Jesus
14. Kings and Queens
15. Obama Nation
16. Throw the Bums Out!: You Tube viral video
17. Sucking Sound
18. Safe at Home
19. Thank You: You Tube viral video
20. Pledge of Allegiance/Star Spangled Banner
21. Mr. Businessman
22. Midnight In Baghdad

The four music videos on the bonus DVD are:

1. We The People
2. Thank You
3. Caribou Barbie
4. Throw the Bums Out!

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