June 13, 2010

"Come to the USA" suggests Ray Stevens, Volume Three...

Today, June 13, marks the 1 month anniversary of "Come to the USA", the latest music video from Ray Stevens. In my last blog entry I made note of how the music video was 5 days shy of becoming a month old. The hit count for the music video has risen in the last 5 days as well...jumping to 2,442,871 hits. A few days ago Ray gave an interview on a radio show hosted by a man named Bob Rivers. Well, it was more than a few days ago...it was back on June 9th. The interview was very funny and Ray spoke about various political issues as well as the We The People CD, of course. The interview is still available, I think, at Bob Rivers' web-site. The interview starts about mid-way through the audio Podcast. The segment opens up, though, with a playing of "Come to the USA". Google Bob Rivers and you're guaranteed to find his web-site and once you enter it search around for Ray Stevens on the June 9, 2010 episode.

Is it just me or has their been a slacking off of insults and name-calling over Ray's music video lately? It might have to do with the big news item being the BP oil spill and not illegal immigration...even though illegal immigration is and will be a top issue this coming midterm election cycle...as will ObamaCare. Lack of media attention doesn't mean an issue is no longer relevant as some out there would have you believe.

It's my belief that no matter what's negatively said about Ray's recent streak of political music videos that rational thinking listeners will get the humor and in the case of "Come to the USA" I believe in time rational thinking people will not go off half-cocked and irrationally throw the 'racist' label so freely as some did a few weeks ago. The fear about Arizona's illegal immigration law isn't necessarily a fear of racial profiling...more or less it's a fear among the liberals and progressives that a majority of the country AGREE with the Arizona law, which poll after poll clearly indicates. You readers may be wondering: why do they fear that a majority of America agrees with Arizona? In my opinion it's because the left-wingers are politicizing the law and from their point of view it doesn't look too good when a majority of the country agree with a law that they say advocates racial profiling. In other words, a majority of the country seeing nothing wrong with the illegal immigration law clearly shows, in my mind at least, how much in the minority the left and the progressives really are nationwide.

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